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Gateway To Space 2015

Commercial Space


St. Louis is the perfect location for a conference on space since it holds such a unique place in the history of space and exploration and is an aerospace hub that features prominently in supporting current and future space missions – including the Mars Curiosity rover and all of Boeing’s activities in space, as the headquarters of Boeing’s space and defense divisions (formerly known as McDonnell Douglas).

The mission of Gateway to Space 2015 is to educate attendees about the significant contributions of McDonnell Aircraft Corporation, McDonnell Douglas, and Boeing; to explore current commercial Space endeavors; and to envision how commercial Space industries will impact future Space development.

This year’s Gateway to Space will take place at the Boeing Prologue Room.

The complete schedule for Gateway to Space 2015 will also be provided in your conference booklet.


  • Mingle with speakers and like-minded attendees.
  • Boeing Chief Historian, Dr. Henry Brownlee Jr., will talk about the “Birth of the American Space Program and Commercial Space from a Boeing & McDonnell Douglas Perspective”. Don’t tell the folks in California or Texas, but it all started here in St. Louis!
  • Space pioneer Dean Purdy, A Manager of the historic Electrophoresis Operations in Space (EOS) Project, will provide insights into that program that created the first commercial astronaut 30 years ago this year.
  • Boeing’s new CST-100 Starliner, one of NASA’s new commercial crew transportation vehicles to service the International Space Station and the work being done here in St. Louis will be discussed by project members Sheryl Kelly, Boeing Commercial Programs Business Development Manager (Houston) and Joel Allen, Software Engineer, Space Vehicle Training Program (St. Louis).
  • Explore Aerospace History in Boeing’s Prologue Room museum with local aerospace pioneers and experts as guides and enjoy boxed lunch cuisine at the cafeteria formerly used by McDonnell Douglas Executives.
  • Future Martian and Electrical Engineer, Maggie Duckworth, will relate her plans for “Moving to Mars”. Maggie, a homegrown St. Louisan, is among the Final 100 Mars Colonists selected from 200 thousand who applied to move to Mars as part of the Mars One project.
  • Ron Jones, Lead of Boeing’s Product Lifecycle Management Legacy Engineering Office and Director of Marketing for BioSpace Experiments (BSE), will explain how YOU can (inexpensively) fly an experiment in space using BSEs mini labs which have put thousands of experiments into space. He will discuss his 1990’s era Integrated Space Plan, its recent rebirth, and its prospects for helping private ventures define their roles in the commercial development of space.
  • The era of off-world manufacturing was established with first 3-d printer in space (aboard the International Space Station in 2014) created by Made in Space. Now they are planning the first machine hardware store in space, the Additive Manufacturing Facility, for this year! Their Director of R&D, Michael Snyder, will tell us about this small startup is taking giant leaps.

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Dr. Henry T. Brownlee, Jr. is a Communications Manager with Boeing Corporate Communications. He is responsible for the overall strategic direction of the Boeing Defense, Space and Security (BDS) Historical Services program, focusing on the development and implementation of strategies to effectively utilize Historical Services resources to support business needs. He is the BDS historian & Corporate Archivist and the senior curator of the James S. McDonnell Prologue Room: Air & Space History Exhibit. Henry leads a team of communication specialists, contract workers, and volunteers in St. Louis and Southern California that perform historical, archival, and corporate museum functions.

Dean Purdy, electrical engineer, joined MAC’s team in September 1955 and over the next 39+ years worked on one Mach 2 jet fighter program, three missile programs, and eight Space programs including five manned programs. The Space programs included Mercury, Gemini, the Manned Orbiting Laboratory, the Electrophoresis Operations in Space, and the Transporter Electrical Storage System and External Lighting modules for ISS. Dean was Director – Military and Space Electronics at his retirement in 1994.

Ron Jones is the Marketing Director for BioSpace Experiments, Inc. (BSE), which provides low-cost, turn-key access to Space using ITA’s proven minilabs. In the daytime Ron works for the Boeing Company in their Engineering Product Lifecycle Management organization which is responsible for all engineering data from all of Boeing’s former/inactive programs. Prior to Boeing, Ron worked for Buzz Aldrin’s ShareSpace Foundation, Rockwell International, Martin Marietta, and NASA, including 15 years on the Space Shuttle program. While at Rockwell he developed the Integrated Space Plan (ISP) which became an internationally recognized marketing tool. The ISP has been recently updated and revised by Integrated Space Analytics, a commercial Space startup, to assist prospective Space entrepreneurs find their niche in Space development.  

Sheryl Kelley leads marketing for Commercial Space Transportation programs in Boeing’s Space Exploration Division. Sheryl was Capture Team Leader (CTL) for the recent Commercial Crew Transportation Capability (CCtCap) pursuit, leading successful capture of a $4.2B award to develop a system for NASA crew transportation to the International Space Station and to begin initial services. Sheryl served as CTL for prior phases of the Commercial Crew Program and she has held a range of leadership roles on more than a dozen new business efforts over the last 8 years.

Joel Allen grew up in Saint Louis and received a Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from the Missouri University of Science and Technology (MS&T). He developed a special interest in Space during college after reading about Space elevators, and decided to pursue work on projects that would help advance an infrastructure for reaching Space. In 2014, Joel received the opportunity to join the Space Vehicles Training Program in order to develop the devices needed to support the CST-100 vehicle's crew training.

Maggie Duckworth is an Electrical Engineer and a Mars One astronaut semi-finalist who aims to be one of the first to set foot on the red planet. She has been selected down from a quarter of a million candidates worldwide, and is now one of only 100 who are still in the competition. As a Master Costumer, artist, writer, composer, and jack-of-all-trades, she believes the keys to intergalactic success lie in ingenuity and creativity, and not only thinking outside of the box but putting that box into a BIGGER box...and sending it off to Mars.

Michael Snyder is a Co-Founder and Chief Engineer at Made In Space, a company developing manufacturing capabilities for in-space construction. Mike was the principal investigator on NASA’s 2014 3D Printing in Zero G Experiment and served as the mission director, executing and monitoring all manufacturing efforts on board ISS. Made In Space is launching the Additive Manufacturing Facility this year, which will serve as a commercial platform open to the world. Mike also serves on the Board of Directors for the National Space Society and is Vice Chair of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space Colonization Technical Committee.


Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Evening: Dinner at Pietros for speakers, committee members, and guests. (Attendees will pay for their own meal and speakers will be hosted by St. Louis Space Frontier.) LIMITED TO 35

Saturday, September 26, 2015 (Subject To Change)

8:30am: Registration and Coffee

9:00am: Welcome

9:15am: Dr. Henry Brownlee Jr., Boeing Historian, Birth of the American Space Program and Commercial Space from a Boeing & McDonnell Douglas Perspective .…educate…

10:15am — 10:50am: Former McDonnell Douglas Engineer, Dean Purdy, a Pioneer’s Perspective on Commercial Spaceflight …educate…

11:00am: Sheryl Kelley, Boeing Commercial Programs Business Development Manager; Joel Allen, Software Engineer, Space Vehicle Training Program; CST-100 Update: Boeing’s Commercial Crew Program …explore…

12:00 — 1:00pm: Boxed Lunches & Explore Aerospace History in the Boeing Prologue Room

1:00 — 1:15pm: Gateway to Space Awards: Anna Green and Challenger Learning Center

1:15 — 2:05pm: Maggie Duckworth, Home Grown Electrical Engineer, Mars One Finalist, on Moving to Mars! …envision…

2:05 — 2:20pm: Coffee Break

2:20 – 2:45: Ron Jones, Integrated Space Plan, the 1990’s beginning, its recent rebirth, and its prospects for helping private ventures define their roles in the commercial development of Space

2:45 — 3:15pm: Ron Jones, BioSpace Experiments, Business Development, How to get YOUR BioExperiment flown! …explore…

3:15 — 4:15pm: Michael Snyder, Director of R&D, Made in Space, will address commercial Space from a small startup perspective and address current developments in 3D Printing: The New Gateway to Space …envision…

4:15 — 4:30pm: Wrap Up and Call to Action … educate, explore, envision…

4:30pm: St. Louis Space Frontier annual meeting.

5:00pm: Clean up

5:30pm: Celebration Dinner at Pueblo Nuevo for committee, speakers, and guests (Attendees will pay for their own meals, and guest speakers will be hosted by St. Louis Space Frontier)

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